DATE : 23-01-2015 - Dear callers, Please install latest PC dialer for zemplus.
  Download Mobile Dialer
Speako Etisalat Dialer  
Dialer Code : 5050
(Etisalat Special Dialer for Nokia(Symbian))
iTel Mobile Dialer  
Dialer Code : 89775
(Du and Etisalat)
Hello Byte Mobile Dialer 
Dialer Code : 10100
(Only for Nokia phones)
MOSIP Mobile Dialer  
Dialer Code : 1010
(Du and Etisalat)
Zemplus Nokia DU  
Dialer Code : 5050
(Nokia(Symbian), iPhone, Android OS))
Pronto Mobile Dialer (new)  
Dialer Code : 1011
(Only for Nokia phones)
  Download PC to Phone Dialer
Parisphone iTel PC Dialer
For UAE and ALL Network.
Dialer code : 5050
Parisphone Pink PC Dialer
Parisphone Pronto Pc Dialer
Best for UAE Du
iTel Gold PC Dialer
operator code : 89775
  Iphone & Android Dialers
MOSIP Android and iPhone Dialer
Dialer Code: 1010
Speako Android Dialer
Dialer Code: 5050
Speako iPhone Dialer
Dialer Code: 5050
iTel iPhone & Android Dialer
Dialer Code: 89775
Pronto Android Dialer
Dialer Code: 1011
Pronto iPhone Dialer
Dialer Code: 1011
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